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How the Brazilian energy matrix is ​​composed
The energy matrix represents the set of energy sources available in a country to supply its energy demand. In the case of the Brazilian energy matrix, the sources are quite diverse, composed of renewable and non-renewable sources.
the participation of biogas and biomethane in the Brazilian matrix
The production of biogas and biomethane is essential, since this transformation helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, in addition to its great environmental importance, this energy source is strategic and competitive.
Como será a demanda de energia no futuro?
The global demand for electricity is expected to grow 62% over the next 30 years. This will add 1.5% to world consumption per year. One of the factors for this increase is population growth, which is expected to reach 9.7 billion people, according to United Nations (UN) organizations.
Energia à base de hidrogênio: entenda!
The production of energy from hydrogen is considered one of the bets of the energy market for the future. Hydrogen is abundant, efficient, storable and transportable, does not produce gases that aggravate the greenhouse effect and can be produced from renewable sources.
How does electric power generation occur in Brazil?
Do you know how electricity generation occurs in Brazil? In 2017, according to the Energy Research Company, the Brazilian energy matrix was composed as follows: 36.4% from oil and gas, 17% from sugarcane, 13% from natural gas, 12% from hydraulic, 8% firewood and charcoal, 5.9% bleach and other renewables, 5.7% coal, 1.4% nuclear and 0.6% from other renewables.
Pós-pandemia: quais as perspectivas do mercado energético?
What will the energy market look like in the post-pandemic? The economic crisis that occurred after the covid-19 pandemic has created discussions about recovery plans, public policies and investments for the coming years. After the initial measures to control the disease have passed, it is important that government leaders find solutions to guarantee the generation of income and employment and economic recovery in the long term.