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Conheça 4 tecnologias emergentes na área de energia
There is a huge technological revolution going on. Part of this change is due to the pandemic, which has accelerated the digital transformation, but emerging technologies have been transforming society for a long time. Emerging technologies are those that have a huge potential to create or transform the environment, market and society, but that have […]
The importance of modernizing the electricity sector!
The modernization of the Brazilian electric sector is necessary to enable the expansion of the market, improve the allocation of resources, form prices and bring sustainability to energy production. Therefore, in April 2019, an Ordinance of the Ministry of Mines and Energy instituted a Working Group to study and propose the necessary changes. The group's objective was to create proposals based on the pillars of governance, transparency and legal-regulatory.
How the Brazilian energy matrix is ​​composed
The energy matrix represents the set of energy sources available in a country to supply its energy demand. In the case of the Brazilian energy matrix, the sources are quite diverse, composed of renewable and non-renewable sources.
Mercado livre de energia
How is the development of the free energy market in Brazil going? At the end of 2020, according to data from the Energy Research Company (EPE), there was a 1.6% drop in energy consumption in the country.