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Entenda o que é o programa metano zero
The Federal Government launched, in March 2022, <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">the zero methane program</a>. The objective of the project is to stimulate the transformation of gas, which is harmful to the greenhouse effect, into biofuel with financing from public banks.
A importância de um sistema energético descentralizado
Since the Industrial Revolution, the world's energy system has focused on the use of fossil fuels to generate energy and keep the entire production chain moving. Over time, this dependence has generated global shocks and geopolitical consequences, as countries that own oil wells centralize power due to the need for other nations to buy this commodity.
O futuro da matriz energética brasileira
With an energy transition underway, the future of the Brazilian matrix is ​​under construction. The energy matrix of a country is a set of sources available to be captured, distributed and used to generate energy. Currently, the world matrix is ​​formed by non-renewable sources, such as oil and coal.
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