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Como fazer a descarbonização com biogás?
How does decarbonization relate to biogas? Decarbonization is the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions through the use of energy sources with low carbon content or a source with the least possible emissions. Thus, renewable gases are called upon to play an important role in the decarbonization of the economy.
O crescimento do biogás no Brasil
Biogas in Brazil is an energy source that has enormous potential, but not yet explored. It is possible to obtain the gas from several sources, such as biomass, organic solid waste from sanitary landfills and animal waste. According to the Energy Research Company (EPE), currently the main source of biogas production is landfills, with 51%, followed by the beverage and food industries with 25% and swine farming with 14%.
A importância de um sistema energético descentralizado
Since the Industrial Revolution, the world's energy system has focused on the use of fossil fuels to generate energy and keep the entire production chain moving. Over time, this dependence has generated global shocks and geopolitical consequences, as countries that own oil wells centralize power due to the need for other nations to buy this commodity.