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Senado Aprova Marco Legal do Hidrogênio com Destaque de Emendas para Nova Votação
Green hydrogen is a form of energy obtained from the electrolysis of water using electricity from renewable sources such as solar and wind. This type of hydrogen is considered essential for the energy transition as it does not emit greenhouse gases during production. Its importance in the energy matrix lies in its potential to replace […]
Resíduos e Renovação: Transformando desafios ambientais em soluções energéticas sustentáveis
In a global scenario where consumption and pollution grow exponentially, waste emerges as a symbolic challenge, highlighting methane (CH4) as one of the main villains of the greenhouse effect. In this context, Eva Energia stands out for transforming this environmental problem into a renewable and sustainable energy source.
Brasil no G20: liderando a revolução verde global
Today, December 1st, Brazil began its term as president of the G20, the influential group that brings together the nineteen main global economies, in addition to the European Union and the African Union. This period of leadership, which will last until November 30, 2024, marks the first time that the country has held such a position. During this year, Brazil's priority focus is to promote the transition to sustainable energy, drive changes in global governance and redouble efforts to combat inequality and hunger.
Energias Renováveis no Brasil e a Importância da COP28
Brazil, known for its vast territorial extension and natural wealth, has been a protagonist in the renewable energy scene. With a continuous commitment to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change, the country has significantly invested in clean energy sources.
O Poder do Hidrogênio Verde: Transformando a Economia Global e Impulsionando a Sustentabilidade no Brasil
This post explores the potential of green hydrogen as a renewable and sustainable energy source. It discusses its significance in decarbonizing the global economy, especially in sectors that are hard to electrify. Moreover, it underscores Brazil's promising role in this market due to its significant capacity for renewable energy generation.
Biometano: Uma alternativa sustentável para o futuro energético do Brasil
Biomethane, a renewable fuel derived from organic waste, offers significant potential for Brazil to diversify its energy matrix while providing economic, social, and environmental benefits. By leveraging agricultural waste and animal manure as resources, biomethane production can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, support rural development, and improve energy security.
Fonte renovável bateu recorde em 2022 na geração de energia elétrica
In 2022, Brazil reached a record in the generation of electricity from renewable sources. Hydroelectric, wind, solar and biomass plants were responsible for 92% of the electricity produced in the country. In addition to being clean and inexhaustible, renewable sources are also more sustainable and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The transition to renewable energy is essential for decarbonization and reducing social impacts.