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potencial do hidrogênio verde na transformação da mobilidade sustentável e na redução das emissões de gases de efeito estufa
Green hydrogen emerges as a promising alternative for sustainable mobility, with the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more about this technology and its challenges.
Produção de hidrogênio a partir do biogás
How is hydrogen produced from biogas? Hydrogen has great potential in the future to become a clean energy source. However, to date, its production is responsible for around 830 million tons of CO2 emissions per year, due to the use of natural gas and coal in the energy generation process.
Energia à base de hidrogênio: entenda!
The production of energy from hydrogen is considered one of the bets of the energy market for the future. Hydrogen is abundant, efficient, storable and transportable, does not produce gases that aggravate the greenhouse effect and can be produced from renewable sources.