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Brasil traça novo horizonte com transformação ecológica e energética
The energy transition in Brazil represents a crucial initiative in the context of global climate change and sustainable development. This article explores the relevance and impacts of this transformation, illustrating Brazil's role as a potential leader in renewable energy.
Energias Renováveis no Brasil e a Importância da COP28
Brazil, known for its vast territorial extension and natural wealth, has been a protagonist in the renewable energy scene. With a continuous commitment to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change, the country has significantly invested in clean energy sources.
Geração Distribuída em 2023: Uma Revolução Sustentável em Andamento
In 2023, Distributed Generation in Brazil is undergoing a transformation, driven by the new regulatory framework and the rise of biogas as a renewable energy source.
Biogás, Biomassa e a COP28: Ação Climática em Pauta
Biogas and biomass emerge as promising alternatives in the quest for sustainable energy solutions. With COP28 approaching, the global community prepares to define the course of climate actions, making this event crucial for the planet's future.
The bioenergy industry in Brazil has grown significantly, representing almost 20% of the country's energy supply. With technological advances and government support, companies such as Grupo Urca Energia and Gás Verde are leading the way in biomethane production, contributing to a more sustainable future.
Brazil advances in biomethane production, a 100% renewable energy. With the investment of companies like Gás Verde, the sector promises a bright future and opportunities for investors.
A Revolução dos Biocombustíveis: Brasil, Índia e Indonésia Moldando o Futuro da Energia
In a world increasingly aware of climate change, Brazil, India and Indonesia are emerging as leaders in global demand for biofuels. Let's explore how these countries are using natural resources, government policies and technological innovations to power an energy revolution.
The transition to renewable energy sources is critical to combating climate change. In Brazil, biomethane is emerging as a green alternative to fossil fuels. Learn about the biogas industry, the growth potential and the benefits of biomethane as a vehicle fuel.