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Renewables: the development of the MSW market in the country!
The updating of the sanitation legal framework created a new environment for the development of the RSU and renewables market in the country. The new basic sanitation framework aims to improve access and universalization of water and sewage services. But, in addition, the changes also attract new investments and benefit the urban solid waste energy recovery market (USW).
How does electric power generation occur in Brazil?
Do you know how electricity generation occurs in Brazil? In 2017, according to the Energy Research Company, the Brazilian energy matrix was composed as follows: 36.4% from oil and gas, 17% from sugarcane, 13% from natural gas, 12% from hydraulic, 8% firewood and charcoal, 5.9% bleach and other renewables, 5.7% coal, 1.4% nuclear and 0.6% from other renewables.