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The importance of biomass for the energy matrix
Currently, energy generation from biomass is responsible for 9% of the country's energy. See growth prospects. Biomass is any biodegradable fraction of organic matter products and waste, which can be used in energy generation. With the water crisis, there was a need to activate thermoelectric plants to meet the country's energy demand.
Do you know how hydroelectric energy is generated? It occurs through the use of the kinetic energy contained in the flow of water bodies in plants.
Pós-pandemia: quais as perspectivas do mercado energético?
What will the energy market look like in the post-pandemic? The economic crisis that occurred after the covid-19 pandemic has created discussions about recovery plans, public policies and investments for the coming years. After the initial measures to control the disease have passed, it is important that government leaders find solutions to guarantee the generation of income and employment and economic recovery in the long term.
Por que investir em geração de energia solar?
The generation of solar energy has an essential role in the transition towards a low carbon future and in the promotion of global energy security. What is the future of solar energy generation? The market for this source in Brazil corresponds to 1.7% of the entire Brazilian energy matrix. Although this number is still small compared to other sources, the future of the solar array is very promising not only in the country, but worldwide. It is estimated that in the next 30 years the representation of this matrix in the country will grow and correspond to 16% of the total capacity.
Energia renovável: 4 motivos para investir!
The world invested $ 282.2 billion in new capacity from renewable energy sources in 2019. The numbers point to a change for the energy sector! A survey conducted in 2020 by British Business Energy showed that, among the 29 countries analyzed, Brazil is in the second place in the ranking of investments in renewable energy. These data confirm that the preference for this type of energy demand has been growing in recent years.