Why invest in solar energy generation?

Por que investir em geração de energia solar?

The generation of solar energy has an essential role in the transition towards a low carbon future and in the promotion of global energy security.

What is the future of solar energy generation? The market for this source in Brazil corresponds to 1.7% of the entire Brazilian energy matrix. Although this number is still small compared to other sources, the future of the solar array is very promising not only in the country, but worldwide. It is estimated that in the next 30 years the representation of this matrix in the country will grow and correspond to 16% of the total capacity.

Only in 2019, the solar energy market grew 212% in Brazil. According to ANEEL, more than 100 thousand mini and microgeneration photovoltaic systems were installed, corresponding to more than R $ 4.5 billion invested in the generation of solar energy. To better understand the prospects for this renewable source, read the content to the end.

How does solar energy generation work?

The solar energy generation system can be custom-designed and is an investment that generates financial savings, in addition to helping the environment. The system works by capturing sunlight through solar panels. Then, with the help of the photovoltaic effect, electrical energy is generated, which is later converted by the solar inverter and the energy is distributed.

The solar energy system can be a system connected to the grid (on-grid), isolated or autonomous system (off-grid) or the hybrid system. These models are differentiated by the mode of operation.

The on-grid model acts by inserting energy directly into the power grid. Thus, in the absence of solar energy, it is possible to receive energy from the electric company and, when there is an excess, it can become a credit in the consumer’s account. In the case of the off-grid system, storage is done with the help of batteries and the hybrid system works simultaneously with both models. While the battery bank is charging, the system is connected to the network.

Therefore, investing in solar energy generation is investing in clean and renewable energy, contributing to a low-carbon, self-sustainable future with a financial return in a few years.

Why invest in this renewable source?

Solar energy has established itself as a safe and affordable energy source in Brazil. The country is privileged, as it has a high solar incidence throughout the year, facilitating the adhesion of the system in several areas of the country. In addition, over the years, the cost of implementation has decreased and funding has been increased. This change has been occurring since the water crisis that made energy prices more expensive and made consumers find viable options to reduce electricity costs.

In addition, solar energy generation has been valued not only in the private sector but also in the public sector. States and municipalities already include this energy model in their public policies, in order to reduce costs and encourage the use of more renewable sources.

Thus, we can conclude that investing in solar energy generation is beneficial for all players involved. After all, a competitive market generates innovation and quality, increases the number of jobs in the area and promotes the energy market. If you liked this content and want to read more about investments in renewable energy, visit our text on the blog!